Tutorial create Gamesalad endless runner

There on the different market, a large number of endless runner games. We must recognize that the interest for this kind of games do not weaken and certainly never falter. You also want to create your endless runner game with GameSalad?
To do this, you have two option.

First, create yourself your game from beginning to end, if you have advanced computer knowledge can do it yourself, it will take about a week, but he will have to either create perfectly with clean code that the games have a chance to finish in the Top100 downloads, otherwise it will be lost in the millions of already available application.

The second solution is the simplest, use GameSalad software that have several advantages. If you’ve never create mobile games and you have no knowledge in this area GameSalad will be perfect for you, no computer knowledge needed to use GameSalad.

With our templates GameSalad and GameSalad software free download, you can create your games in one day, our templates are games created with GameSalad with a perfectly clean code to have the maximum chance to finish in the top100 of markets apple store, store play the market of Android and other …
You just have to download the template you need in our categories GameSalad Template, replace images by yours and your game and finish and 100% ready to be sent on various blinds.

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