Sell your Gamesalad game on apple store and play store

You have finished creating your video games? If you still do not create your games and you do not have knowledge of programing you can use GameSalad software free download and our templates Gamesalad 100% ready to run on any mobile whatsoever android or apple. They are also ready to be brought online on any platform, they will be approved without problems to be published on Store.

You may wonder what are the criteria to be and what manner the platforms Play Store and Apple choose if aplication and valid or if it will be denied.
Firstly for the platform Android Play Store we call it takes half a day for your application is approved or refused to appear on the Store. Android has the reputation of being very tolerating in terms of validation, that is to say that even if your games and shoddy it has great chance to be validated. If you’re having trouble creating a good qualitée video games, you can use the free GameSalad software download, if you use one of our templates available in our section Template GameSalad your game or application is sure to be validated in all Store. If you use our templates GameSalad you simply have to change the images by yours and send the application to the maximum possible store, code template is our good your application will not be sent directly into the bottom of the millions of available application.

For the apple store validation will be a little more difficult. Indeed, Apple refuses great application and it will be worse and worse for the number of application developer who is constantly increasing worldwide. Brief think sent an perfect game on the Apple Store. To be sure your game is validated, you can use our GameSalad Templates (with GameSalad software). with this software and our templates, coding will be perfectly done and your application is sure to be approved for the store.

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