Sell your game or free on Play store and Apple store?

You have create your games, fully finished but you do not know if you have to put a free download and make money with ads or sell it directly on the store and earn 70% of the money. If you do not have to create your video games and you have no programming knowledge, you can visit our article « GameSalad » for how to create your games for android or apple smartphone on 1day.

Return to our subject, on what platform to sell your games. To start you have to ask what platform is the most used, although the famous Iphone is certainly the most popular phone in the world, but you should know that, 86% of smartphones sold are on the Android platform. This single number should not put you in error, indeed android smartphones are much more numerous in the world, this was due course by the price of smartphones that have Android.

To start if you have not created your games and you have no knowledge in programing you can use GameSalad software available here as a free download, once the GameSalad software download you can use our templates ready for 100% the platform play Store and Apple Store for download in the « GameSalad Templates » you will as well as to change the images with your own, and to sell your game on the market you want.

Seeing figures of 86% you have certainly said that the best and put your games in the Play Store that is the market of Android. It’s not quite it, you must know the habits of people who were a smartphone IOS and Android. Any study shows that those who have a device with IOS so much easier for the bank card to buy the paid applications or purchase options available in some games. Android users prefer free download applications, you will earn money with advertising.

You understand if you want to sell your games (created with our templates GameSalad if you do not have programming knowledge of video games) and earn 70% of the money will be more easily sold on the Apple Store. However if you added ads to your game (in our template GameSalad advertising and already incorporated this step because just being difficult) and want to download it as many times it is best to prime the Android market the play store.

Of course the best solution is put your application in the maximum possible market, but for send your game on Apple store you will have necessarily a Mac, if you do not have one, it can be daunting to make that expensive purchase.

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