How to be top 100 Apple Store and Play Store gamesalad

If you create a game or app that will be with GameSalad unity or other have noticed that it can be difficult to put your application in the top100 of the best download, either on the platform of Android that is say the Play Store, but also on the Apple store.

To begin with let’s say you already have a completed application and ready to send, if you do not create games or application and you do not know much about the creation of video games you can use our templates GameSalad 100% ready, what have you no longer have to replace our image with yours and you can post your application on different store. You will of course need the GameSalad software free download.

Now you have your games, for the chance to be in the Top100 you must put all the odds on your side.
-There You need a clean coding! This is one of the most important things. Our Template is perfect for this.
-L’icon Your application must be perfect! This is the first thing see users.
-If you want to sell your app for the beginning you have to put a very low price, as low as possible, which will raise your app in the Top sales platform, once you reach 500 you can increase download the price. Customers say that if the application was to download more 500 times is that it must be good.

These are the only point to increase the number of download. But the priority and clean coding. The platforms analysis applications to see if they are professional or amateur. To be sure to have a perfect coding, you can download the Gamesalad software  and use our Templates GameSalad 100% ready with perfect coding.

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