How endless parallax scrolling with Gamesalad

You definitely begin to create games with GameSalad software but you do not know the techniques that allows your games to be lighter and more fluid. In these techniques, there is one of the most important, it is the Parallax.

This is a technique that allows you to scroll a way of endless image, even if the technical Parallax on GameSalad may seem simple it is made quite complex.
Some parallax GameSalad tutorial youtube gives ideas how to do this but it is often of poor coding, coding equal bad bad seat in the top markets. We have in our templates GameSalad a lot template uses this system of parallax GameSalad, you can create your games with our templates or you can retrieve only the background with the perfectly realized coding error and replace the image with your own.

If this technique you are interested you can download our templates GameSalad for a very low price.

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