Create video game for mobile

Some mobile games are a real best seller.
Whether it is flappy bird, joyride jetpack but also doodle jump everyone knows these smartphone games. You’ve already wanted to create one of these games and changing the graphics with yours and put it on different markets android and apple to make money either with ads or selling your games (sell my games on playstore or apple store).

Even if you do not have knowledge in creating video games, you can perfectly create a games in one day with software Gamesalad. Starting from zero is still quite complicated even if you use Gamesalad. This is why we have created gamesalad templates. You just have to open these gamesalad template with the gamesalad software and modify the images by yours, nothing more!

When you use our templates, you have all your chances to find yourself in the top 100 applications of different markets because they are perfectly coded, without default. You can very easily choose if you want to make money with advertising, you can choose very easily where you place advertisements, or just put it up for sale on the playstore, applestore and other.

Download template gamesalad.

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