Create game and sell on Play Store and Apple Store

Many people request it, how to make money selling games on various plateform whether Android or even the Apple Store.

It is entirely possible to earn money by selling your hugely games you have create but do not dream, it is above all a matter of luck, you can create the most beautiful games of this earth and be download only 100 times and subsequently lost in the millions of available Application on the different store.

If you want to live it, it will be very difficult, if against it is a hobby and you want to get little money, $ 200 per month for example for one game its not really difficult, you can have fun creating different game, you do not know how to program? Not worry, you can use one of the many software available to you, the easiest to use it appoints GameSalad, go down the page to download. You do not need to know how to write a single line of complex program but only add your images, you can see in our category « Templates » Complete games, you have just to change the images and after you choose a place which you want the ads displayed by clicking on « ads » this is very easy, everything is prepared ( on our templates are 100% ready to be posted on all sales platforms, the most popular are Play Store for Android smartphones and Apple Store for Apple products, note if you want sell your games on the Apple Store you must have a Mac computer (yes Apple locks everything it touches, we do not like it, but we have to do with it)

You want to create a very simple way games? Visit our templates shop, even if you are new you can create games in a single day and put on sale the same day, it must then wait up to 1 day before the application is online on the store and win money. If your game comes in the top 100 you will earn tens of thousand euro (even easily 100000 thousand euro) but you have more chance to win between 50 and $ 500 per month no more.

You do not have the GameSalad software? You can download for free GameSalad now.

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