Create Android and IOS game and sell it on market

Is you are here, it is because you want as many people to create video games for mobile iphone and also Android. Like many people you have no experience in game development, is we have a solution for you.

Software exists to create applications and games without any computer knowledge, the best of them is GameSalad. Easy is quick to learn, GameSalad creates infinitely games you always dream. To speed up a little more work, you can download games built 100% in our section Template GameSalad. You can just change the images, and sent the games directly from the Apple Store, Play Store the platform of Android and all the others and so begin to make money by selling your application or with advertising, noted that our GameSalad templates are 100% ready to be sent on the various Market and run on any existing smartphones.

Our templates is a perfect coding for maximum chance for your games to finish in the top 100. For maximum chance of finishing in the top downloads you can watch our article GameSalad.

If you have motication, you can create games in one day with GameSalad and our Templates 100% ready.

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